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June 2014

Director's Message

Retired and Annuitant Pay Director's Message

Why You Should Have a myPay Account

Key to Managing Your Retirement Pay: Maintaining Your myPay Account

myPay Spring Release Makes Life Easier for Retirees

myPay Simplifies Password Requirements

Updating Your Password

Guidelines for Updating Your Password

Update Your eMail Account

Keep in Touch, Make Sure We Have Your eMail Address on File!

Audit Your Account

Basics of Managing Your Retirement Pay: Keep Your Information Current!

Prepare Your Loved Ones

Managing Your Retirement Pay: Educate Your Beneficiaries

Direct Deposit Now Required, Debit Card Option Available

Debit Card Program Now Available for Retirees


March 2014 Newsletter

Retired and Annuitant Pay Director’s Message
Welcome to the new year! And since it’s the new year, you know we’re in tax season.

Five Easy Ways to Request a Duplicate 1099-R
2013 Tax Statements are available. Here’s the information you need to access your copy.

How to Create your myPay Account
Use this step-by-step guide to help create a myPay account.

Managing the New Stronger Password
myPay introduced new strong password requirements in 2013 to align with DOD’s security requirements. Use this guide to create and manage your new password.

TriCare Changes
The TRICARE Walk-in Customer Services at TRICARE Service Centers will be eliminated April 1.

Continued Communication with Army Retirees
A message about Army Knowledge Online from Army LTG Howard B. Bromberg, the Army G-1.

Army AKO Email Change
A message from Army Retirement Services: Army Knowledge Online (AKO) closure affects retirees' myPay accounts

Updates to Secondary Dependency Information
DFAS recently updated the secondary dependency webpage and customer inquiry contact process.

December 2013 Newsletter

Retired and Annuitant Pay Director’s Message
Delivering first-class service to our customers is our priority. I’m asking for your support in achieving this goal. 

How to Create your myPay Account
Use this step-by-step guide to help you create a myPay Account.

Managing the New Stronger Password
myPay introduced new stronger password requirements earlier this year to align with DOD’s security requirements. Use this guide to create and manage your new password.

Make Sure We Have Your Email Address
Have you updated your email address in myPay recently?

Three Easy Ways to Request a Duplicate 1099R
2013 tax statements are available. Here’s the information you need to access your copy.

Tips to Use When Making a Bank Account Change
Are you thinking about changing your bank account? If so, follow these steps to avoid missing or incorrect payments.

Cost of Living Adjustment for 2014
December 2013 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Retirees and Annuitants.

Contact info for Tricare and Delta Dental and VA Claims
Do you need a point of contact for questions about your Tricare coverage?

Survivor Benefit Plan Opportunity Open for Military Retirees with Same-sex Spouses
Military retirees who were married to a same-sex spouse on or before June 26, 2013, may now have spouse coverage in the Survivor Benefit Plan. Retirees must take action by June 25, 2014.

Notify Us of Life Changing Events
If you experience a life changing event, make sure you contact us because it may affect your retired pay. 

Do You Have Questions About Your Retired Pay?
The DFAS channel on YouTube has videos to help you maintain your retired pay account. Check out the how to manage your account and how to get a 1099R video.

Online Tools You Can Use
Before you pick up the phone, try some of our online tools. Save yourself time and stress by trying one of these options first.

Online Tools Your Loved Ones Can Use
It’s important that you educate your beneficiaries about how to apply for their benefits. We want you to be aware of all the information available to them.

September 2013 Newsletter

Labor Day is over, we’re well into September, and at least up here near the Great Lakes, it is almost time to put the barbeque away.
The IRS Forms 1099R for the 2013 tax year will become available online in mid-December 2013. You will be able to access yours on myPay.
If you have never created your myPay account or if you have created your myPay account, but have problems remembering your login ID or password you can find complete instructions here.
Earlier this year, to align with the Department of Defense’s modern security mandates, myPay introduced new stronger password requirements.
You can log in to your myPay account and sign up to begin receiving your 1099R electronically. If you do, we will email a notification to you when your tax documents are available online.
If you have already elected to receive your 1099R electronically and your email address has changed, please update it in myPay by November 10, 2013.
If you choose to receive your 1099R from us in the mail, it’s important to make sure the mailing address you have on file with us is current.
Do you have questions related to your retirement or retirement pay but you’re not sure who to call?
Effective Aug. 1, 2013, most Survivor Benefit Plan annuitants over the age of 55 are no longer required to complete and submit an annual Certificate of Eligibility.
Pay schedule for retirees and annuitants for the year 2014.
It is a difficult topic to bring up, but knowing your loved ones are provided for and prepared for your death can be a good feeling.
Retirees who pay TRICARE Prime enrollment fees through a retired pay allotment may notice a slight change in their October net pay.

June 2013 Newsletter

We know you’re retired, but in this issue we are going to talk to you about the work required to manage your military retirement pay. Now is the best time to take an active role in managing your pay account.

myPay Update: More Security, More Features
On May 11, myPay both greatly enhanced the overall security of the system and made more self-serve options available to retired members. Learn about the changes!

Managing Your Passwords on myPay
In a world of identity theft and online criminal threats, it is the password that safeguards your money, your identity and your well-being. Learn about the new password requirements on myPay.
Take a look at the screen shots and step-by-step instructions before you create your new myPay password!
Check out a list of things to check at least once a year in your retirement account.
The myPay Spring 2013Release allows retirees to view most of their allotments, including those for mortgage payments, insurance, and charitable contributions that are not paid through EFT. Follow the instructions and screenshots to use the new feature.
Retirees frequently forget who their beneficiaries of record are, and occasionally need to update or change a beneficiary. Learn how myPay offers retirees the option to designate Arrears of Pay beneficiaries online.
Before, retirees could get their 1099R from myPay for only the latest tax year. Now retirees have the ability to get tax information from previous years on their own! Learn how to access your 1099R’s from prior years on myPay.
Sometimes the most difficult conversations to have are the most important, like helping your loved ones be prepared for when you die. These six steps will help your beneficiary file a claim when the time comes.

Annuity Changes
If you have elected to cover your spouse or loved ones under the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), you should be aware of recent changes to the process for application for benefits.
The Department of the Treasury announced all payments from the federal government are to be made electronically and not by paper check as of March 1, 2013.
The SOS has benefit coordinators, support coordinators and financial counselors.
Retiree survivors are welcome and can be connected to their local Retirement Services Officer (RSO) when appropriate.
To avoid a disruption of pay that might affect your quality of life, please follow the simple steps below when changing your direct deposit. 
Updated March 7, 2014
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